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Serious anomaly in excess deaths in Australia

Excess deaths in Australia have been going up since they allowed covid in and since they started rolling out the vaccine, so do either of these play a part.

In the first 5 months of 2022, Australia had 12-16% more deaths than the historical average. The exact number depends on who is telling the story. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has the higher number. Of these 10,000 odd excess deaths about half where counted as covid (from or with). The other half included (coming from the article with the lower estimate of excess deaths ~8500):

  • Ischaemic heart disease (650 more deaths than expected);
  • Cerebrovascular disease (220 more);
  • Diabetes (240 more);
  • Dementia (500 more);
  • Doctor-certified deaths due to causes not specified by the ABS (1,760 more); and
  • Coroner-referred deaths (420 more).

For a start what are the 1760 deaths not specified?

And if covid is killing mainly old people with comorbidities then why have the number of deaths dues to these factors gone UP and not DOWN? You would think would be the first to get wiped out and if covid was causing these new deadly ailments I am sure the authorities would tell us these people had covid. They are not. The other possibility is of course the vaccine itself. We know from USA studies *and from particular from the US Military) that cancers are up 400% from vaccines, heart issues, etc are also up. So this make a lot of sense. What other explanation is there?

The excess deaths in Australia have been rising since covid was let into Australia and also when the vaccine rollout started. Here are some graphs to look at.

Excess death rose sharply since Sept. 2021, peaking in Feb 2021 at 30% and are still 10% above historical averages
Australia’s vaccine rollout. Cumulative doses.
Australia’s vaccine rollout. Daily jabs (averaged) doses.

Covid deaths registered in Australia

and read this too.




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