Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

Politicians turned the disease of the unvaccinated into the disease of the vaccinated, with the assistance of Facebook and Twitter.

It is all coming out now, with breaking news that Facebook and Twitter gave government departments portals to censor content, label it as disinformation and to even suspend users they did not like. I was one of them.

When politicians gave the vaccinated special freedoms, they essentially hastened the spread of SARS-CoV2, because the efficacy of vaccines was never 100%. Politicians said if you are vaccinated, you are protected. Not true. The efficacy of the vaccines was already close to 60% for the delta variants and dipped even further when omicron came along, yet they were even mandating vaccines ,as if it was supported by science, and the big tech companies went along the ride for $$$$. Mandating vaccines was never supported by science as herd immunity already became impossible by mid-2021. The agenda had shifted to also use vaccine passports as a means to digitise people and get ready for the so-called “great reset” pushed by the WEF (World Economic Forum). Covid19 was to become covid21/22. Covid now standing for “Certificate of Vaccination ID”. People like Daniel Andrews and Mark McGowan, must be held to account.

In the first week of January 2022, 98.6% of all new covid cases were fully double vaccinated. It was clear at that moment that the politicians had turned covid19 into the disease of the vaccinated.


Now, we are still being silenced while excess deaths are 3 times that of covid19 and are continuing to rise worldwide in the industrialized hyper-vaccinated countries. We are being stopped for suggesting that these excess deaths may be related quite directly to vaccines themselves.

The Australian Government has stopped reporting covid numbers in an attempt to try to make it look like the pandemic is over. It is far from over with a recombinant variant XBB about to take centre stage, and as I have repeatedly said the science suggests this pandemic is now permanent. Omicron has exceeded 500 subvariants already and more are coming. Although it might be generally true that normally a virus mutates itself to become weaker and weaker, that is not always the case and we now have crossover kicking in with recombinant variants. The case fatality rate of covid 19 could easily go from the current 0.15% back to 4%. Shame on PM Alb(in)o. Shame on the Commonwealth Health Department, Prof. Paul Kelly, and Dr Brendan Murphy, APHRA (for silencing doctors and scientists), shame on the TGA (and Prof. John Skerritt) for deliberately hiding vaccine deaths. This is a bloody disgrace.

Here is a recent post on Fb by a politician about excess deaths in Australia. Why is the media being so quiet?