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Patient with coronavirus for 471 days has 3 variants that evolved within him.

That is like 15 months. Apparently the poor guy just could not shake the virus off and scientists say at least 3 different variants/strain evolved just inside him that they know of.

Carrying different variants or strains simultaneously can lead to crossover and recombinant variants. This is sex for a virus, and potentially a quantum leap in the available genetic phase space. We have had recombinants before like deltracron, and omicron XE but they could not out survive more contagious variants like BA.2 (pi), BA.5 (rho) and now BA.2.75 (sigma). If SARS or MERS reappeared I believe they can have ‘sex’ with Sars-CoV-2.

The Omicron XE COVID-19 variant – here's what we know so far | World  Economic Forum

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