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Omicron now has 73 subvariants

Omicron B.1.1.529, now has 73 subvariants.

These variants are being generated in the huge “virus pools” of vaccinated people as I have repeatedly noted since July 2021. The Delta variant generated 245 sublineages. The problem is that vaccines do not stop infection and transmission of the coronavirus. Currently vaccines have an efficacy of about 30-40% to omicron, and it wanes quickly and goes negative after 3 months. The efficacy is a measure of the effectiveness of a vaccine. When the vaccine efficacy goes negative the recipient essentially has ADE (antibody dependency enhancement), and the vaccine helps the virus instead of the recipient.

These virus pools were generated by “vaccine complacency” and governments encourage this by rewarding the vaccinated special freedoms, even telling people that are protected now (which is a lie).

Herd immunity was no longer possible after the delta variant came along. I estimated it R naught value to be about 12.5, and Omicron is at least 3 times more infectious.

How effective does a COVID-19 vaccine need to | EurekAlert!

We know from data released by NSW that in the first week on 2022, 98.6% of all covid cases were FULLY VACCINATED.

I have estimated that WA will have a virus pool of 150,000, Australia 1.5 million. The virus is happily mutating withing each of these vaccinated people with the vaccine induced immunity its barrier to mutate around.