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New multiple Covid variant waves hit Australia

A few variants are currently active in Australia. BA.5.2, BA.5.2.1 and BA.4.6 have been active for a few months, but they are joined by the variants BA.2.75.2, BQ.1, BQ.1.1, BF.7 and XBB.1. The latter are all considered variants of concern in their own right, like omicron. delta and alpha. The WHO just got lazy giving them a Greek letter name. BA.2 was very different to BA.1 (Omicron) as were BA.4 and BA.5.

As far as I can tell none of these variants are particularly virulent but this highlights the fact that we have to live with covid forever now.

Last week hospitalization in Australia grew by 900% with respect to the previous week (up from 48 to 401). This week there were 336 hospitalizations. There were 79,743 new covid cases last week, 61,000 the week before and 40,000 the week before that. I also suspect these numbers are grossly underestimated as many people are not being tested. They either do not believe in covid, or as vaxxed and relaxed.

Today I found another reason why people might be getting tested. They have closed most drive-through clinics in Australia. Most people prefer to use a drive through clinic, as they don’t want to have to wait to get tested for covid waiting in a room with people who are likely covid positive. Plus you need a doctor’s referral to get a PCR test. Say what? I did a tele-consult and got permission. This is another way to reduce the number of people getting tested. It is a deliberate ploy by the Albanese government to reduce testing, make numbers look lower and feed to bs agenda they are pushing that we are now post-covid, that covid is over. Covid is far from over and may be forever. Ask yourself why China is so insistent on #zerocovid.

I would say the true covid numbers are probably 4 or 5 times higher.

NSW have re-introduced masks mandates on public transport, but this is superficial if masks are not generally worn indoors. Take the train to work and get covid in your office. Wtf?

Many more old people will die from covid in the coming weeks. I expect a sharp rise in deaths in the next week or two.

It has been estimated that 500,000 Australians will suffer from #Longcovid, and about 150,000 will be completely debilitated and will never be able to work again. Australia should have stayed #zerocovid like China. Vaccines were never going to stop covid. Herd immunity was impossible after the delta variant in June 2021.

Mandating the covid vaccines was never supported by science. The top brass, the CMO Paul Kelly, CMS Brendan Murphy and all the State CHOs should be held accountable for vaccine injuries and deaths.

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