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Most Australians were deceived by their governments. (I preciously have “Australians are morons for allowing covid in”, but had to change it as Facebook gave me 29 days jail for saying that even though, I am Australian. It was deemed against community standard, “hate-speech”. Wtf?)

We were zerocovid for 18 months and then Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian deliberately let covid into Australia, while the delta variant was around.

Australia’s covid response then became a power trip for most of our leaders, mandating the vaccine when herd immunity was already not possible. There was absolutely no need to mandate. They even gave the vaccinated freedoms when the science was telling them that being vaccinated did not mean you do not get infected and transmit to others. They encouraged #vaccinecomplacency and even punished the unvaccinated (vaccism or medical apartheid), and the vaccinated all went along with this tripe. And what did all of this achieve? They spread the virus even more, and made vaccines even less effective. Now that the vaccines are essentially useless, maybe even negative, they are pretending that the virus does not exist (#viruscomplacency). We now have to live with this heavily mutating virus for the rest of our lives, and it is not like the flu at all. In Australia this year 14,000 people have died from or with covid compared to 273 from influenza. And to me dying from covid or with covid does not matter. People with comorbidities still have a right to live, and even if covid might not have killed them per se it was enough to tip them over the edge.

Mandating an experimental vaccine was so wrong. It was a clear violation of human rights and many people got sick from the vaccines. Some 140,000 reports were made to the TGA about adverse effects from the vaccines, and doctors were discouraged from making reports as well. The true number is probably much larger. I have heard of more injuries from vaccines than people getting really sick from covid. How about you? And why is the TGA deliberately obstructing people from researching their database of adverse events notifications. I have found the deaths of many young people by working through their database. The death of a couple of children should have been enough to say no vaccine for children but they bought this shite and they want to use it all up now. The mostly highly vaccinated are now the more likely to die from covid, but the jabbing continues.


Let’s get back to covid. Covid is real. Its CFR (case fatality rate) for the Omicron variant is about 0.15%. If Omicron did not come along, 500 to 1000 people would be dying a day in Australia and not 50 to 100, which is pretty shocking to me as it is.

The pretence that everything is returning to normal is ill-founded as well because not only are a jumbo jet of people dying every week, but 100 times that will get longcovid. I have previously estimated that about 1.5 million Australians will suffer from longcovid and that about 10% of these people will be so debilitated that they will not be able to work at all and they will need permanent treatment. That is about 150,000 people. For some longcovid might not be too serious, but I would hate to even lose my sense of taste or smell. That is why I still wear a mask indoors. I have been researching covid since February 2020. I know that its main form of spread is as an aerosol.

Most of the Australian public are morons too as they believe the rubbish fed to them by the media and television. Vaccines are NOT safe and effective. Most have not even realised that yet. That accounts for about 80% of the population. About 10% still think covid is a made up conspiracy or just a common cold. They are morons too.

So what are the main issues with longcovid. Longcovid can affect you neurologically, for example, with loss of smell and taste but also by limiting your ability to think. They call this ‘brain fog’, and it is quite prevalent. Also if the virus gets into neurons it is safe from your immune system so can re-emerge again later. Parkinson’s disease followed the 1918 Flu about 4 to 8 years after. Something similar will happen with covid. We already know that covid shrinks some parts of your brain by 25%, and let us not forget that the olfactory bulb is located very close to the limbic system (the hippocampus, amygdala and hypothalamus). the limbic system controls our instinctive behaviour, our emotions, and short-term memory. There may well be implications of Alzheimer’s disease with longcovid.

Limbic System: Definition, Parts, Functions, and Location ...

Longcovid can also affect your respiratory and vascular systems. You have have survived covid but have problems breathing properly again. Damage to the lungs and include severe shortness of breath, palpitations, fatigue, and chest pain.

Longcovid can also lead to or encompass other organ damage.

I recently read that hair loss and erectile dysfunction are new found possible symptoms of longcovid.

There are some good articles to read in this link.

This is the current situation in the UK with regard to longcovid. Click HERE.

As of 31 July, 892,000 people had been suffering from the condition for 12 months or more, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) — up from 761,000 at the beginning of the month, a 17 per cent rise.” (sic)

HERE is an article about longcovid in Australia.

The government report found that 31,000 Australians were off work every day with the debilitating condition.” (sic)

Finally, you do not have to be ill to have covid inside of you. The damage can come later and every time you get infected you increase your chances of more permanent and debilitating damage. Good luck with the grand casino of covid19.

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  1. facebook gave me 29 days jail for posting this on their platform. against community standards they said. wtf? they are against anyone not following the one vaccine agenda for all. They set their morals by money, $$$$.

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