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If Covid is exploding in China, it is going off like a nuclear bomb in Australia. 1000 times worse and we are pretending the pandemic has ended for us.

As China relaxes its #zerocovid policy, we are seeing headings like “China covid cases are exploding”, but in reality the situation is far far worse in Australia and we are pretending the pandemic has ended in Australia.

China is recording/reporting about 2,500 cases a day at the moment, whereas Australia is reporting about 13,500 cases a day. Australians are also not being tested properly, as people are being discouraged to get tested, and testing is no longer free. I have suggested that up to 4 times as many people may be covid positive each day.

But even at 13,500 cases a day, this is equivalent to 750,000 cases a day in China, which is at least 400 times worse than in China. Taking into account that Australia’s numbers are not a true reflection of the situation in Australia, Australia is likely to be thousands of times worse than in China, and get this, mots Australains are fully vaccinated as well.

China has no reason to lie about its covid numbers as it is trying to slow down the spread of covid in its population to ensure people are cautious and remain masked, whereas Australia, is now pushing the “we are in the after-pandemic”/endemic stage of the of covid. As you can see from our own fudged numbers this is a complete lie.

weekly covid numbers in Australia on 16 December 2022

Australia is also recording about 30 covid deaths a day, which also appears to be under-estimated as excess deaths are 2.5 times the number of covid deaths. Australia exaggerated covid deaths this time last year as it wanted to scare people into getting vaccinated. It would even test people who did in a car accident to see if they were covid positive. Today, we do not try to see if deaths are due to #aftercovid or #aftervaccine. By the way, I count vaccine related deaths as pandemic related.

Australia may well be having 3 times as many covid/pandemic deaths as it is reporting.

The two approaches to allowing covid to spread through the communities in Chain and Australia are quite different. Chinese people remain cautious and are wearing masks to mitigate its spread, whereas Australia relied on vaccines and allowed to virus to spread uncontrollably by encouraging “vaccine complacency”. The vaccinated where given special freedoms in Australia, like allowed to go to pubs, clubs and restaurants. None of what Australia did was justified by science and the bullshit narrative was maintained even as 98.6 % of all cases were fully vaccinated. It sounds absurd, but this really happened in Australia, and the media played along with it all. With “covid complacency”, which is the policy in Australia, there is now no point even using vaccines anymore. All they will do is generate more vaccine immunity escaping variants, which I had previously termed “vaccine-induced variants” in mid-2021.


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