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Hold on to your seats Australia

What are these graphs saying about Australia? The “OurWorldInData” graph says we have been doing poorly compared to the USA and UK as more of our citizens have been dying over the last 2 to 3 months because we adopted the #letitrip #itstheflu mentality. This is the new narrative. The vaccine pushing is a side-show. The government is fooling ‘the woke’ to play with this charade, by their main purpose it is let the virus kill. How many of you know that 77 people died today. Yes, just today, and 81 died the other day too. It is starting to climb sharply right now. You can see a upward tweak in the deaths data in the other graph.

The “OurWorldInData” graph also says the UK and USA are suddenly having a surge in deaths because they get to see the new variants first, in this case BA.5, BA.5.1, BA.5.2.1, BA.4, BE.1, BF.1, BA.5.5. So Australia can expect and upsurge in deaths soon, or is it just starting or happening right now.

A variant does not have to be more deadly to cause a jump in deaths as pressure on the whole medical system takes its toll too. More people are ill, less medical staff, more deaths.

More than 800 Nursing and Aged homes are being ravaged by Covid right now. This is because the governments have dropped the mask mandates in Australia. They are complete imbeciles. They must know that most spread is indoors via aerosols. Why are they ignoring this. They must also know that herd immunity is not possible; that reinfection is also quite likely. And not only are the new variants coming to Australia (most are in NSW already and it shows, see below), but schools are about to reopen this week. That will be a disaster, but Brendan Murphy knows this as he said in 2020 that we should let the virus rip and let the old people die, and that the children will spread he virus in schools. This is all a deliberate plan.


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