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Here is the real reason why I was suspended permanently from Twitter

The real reason I was suspended was because the Australia Government brought a portal to Twitter and were unhappy that I was bagging the Astrazeneca vaccine, and questioning whether the Australian Government knew what they were doing with their handling of covid and vaccines. They did not. They are complete fuckwits. I was also pro #zerocovid and #covidisairborne. I was part of an army of people on twitter who pointed out that covid is mainly spread via an aerosol INDOORS. I think I was also the first person to realise that there was no super-spreader but that superspreading occurred indoor. I was very critical of the Australian Government in not providing Health care workers with the correct PPE (personal protective equipment). I was also active in pushing that Australia should keep its borders closed, and I was questioning why 40,000 rich people were allowed to come and go in and out of Australia every month during the height of the pandemic. I am disgusted in the way the Morrison Government handled the pandemic, but I am also disgusted in the way the Albanese Government has handled it as well, pretending it is just the flu. Their stupidity will become transparent soon.

The main culprits for Australia’s mismanagement of the covid pandemic were/are Prof. Paul Kelly (CMO Australia) and Dr Brendan Murphy who originally wanted to pursue herd immunity via infection in 2020 and later herd immunity by vaccination in 2021/2022, when it was impossible in both cases. I believe these people should be in jail. Prof. Kelly also said the Astrazeneca vaccine was safe and effective, but as more and more people died he was involved in covering up their deaths and got the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and Prof. John Skerritt to cover up the damage done by the vaccines, as they wanted to do their vaccine rollout no matter if it was not supported by science. Paul Kelly and Brendan Murphy were also the brains (more correctly, idiots) behind mandating the vaccine at state and territory level onto health workers with the “no jab no job” policy. They even suggested that State Premiers should give the vaccinated freedoms which ended but making a complete mess of covid in Australia as this aided the spread of the virus, and in the generation of more variants. Now that Australia has made a complete mess of Covid, you might think they might admit they stuffed it all up, but instead they are continuing with vaccines and are trying to cover up what they did by pretending that covid has gone. They are pursuing the scientifically unsupported narrative that herd immunity can be achieved by vaccination and/or infection. To achieve this goal they are pretending that covid disappeared like a miracle overnight in Australia. They have suppressed the release of covid data and are hiding vaccine injuries on the TGA’s DAENS website. Lots of children have died from the vaccines. I have personally found many buried in the DAENS data.

How do I know that Commonwealth Health Department was behind the mandating of vaccines at State level? The CMO was in the National Cabinet comprising the Prime Minister and the Premiers and isn’t it funny all the states did the same thing in mandating the vaccines. The orders were just passed down to the State CHO’s (Chief Health Officers). Some CHO’s have expressed some concern about the official changing national narrative in recent months and this is why most states have passed laws to take the power away from CHO’s in any future health directives.

Back to Twitter. Twitter did whatever the federal government wanted for money. And when Elon Musk bought Twitter I thought his promises of “free speech” might see my account re-instated but once again money won the day. I am disgusted in Elon Musk and his bullshit. The federal government also bought a portal to Facebook, and they got Facebook to silence me on their platform as well. In the end Facebook gave up trying to fact-check me. They had to apologise 11 or 12 times. They then started to get my on community standards. I was put in Fb jail for one month for using the word “idiots” (deemed to be hate speech, even though I said Australians were idiots for allowing covid in, and I am Australian), and for calling Kelly and Murphy clowns (deemed to be disrespectful. I said these clowns were behind the mandating of vaccines at the State levels. Note fact-checker did not object to me saying they were behind mandating vaccines.)

Back to twitter again. So once the Australian Government alerted Twitter that they want to shut me up, Twitter were just waiting for anything I did wrong to suspend me. I will release that tweet in this article. I appealed my suspension numerous times and even pointed out that the very word ‘suspended’ implied a temporary hold on my account, so they changed the wording to ‘permanently suspended’. Donald Trump is the only other person I know who was permanently suspended, and he was attempting and organising a coup on Capitol Hill, using Twitter, so what exactly did I do? Donald Trump was invited back onto Twitter recently by Elon Musk, once again because it would bring more people back to Twitter, so it was for money again, not free speech. This why I think Elon Musk is a pathetic hypocrite.

So here is the tweet that was not seen by anyone, except for a twitter bot, that had me banned for life on twitter. First some more background. I went on twitter in a desperate attempt to have Western Australia close its border to stop covid coming in and before we had any community transmission. I had previous targeted the premier in February 2020 on Facebook and wanted to expand my audience. I set up a petition, but I soon realised that no-one sees your tweets unless you are famous. I think I had about 5 followers. I tweeted a photo with on a train fill of young people using their mobiles with the words “Who’s listening?” Anyhow that is when I started my journey on Twitter. One of the first people I followed was Dr Eric Feigl-Ding as I saw him somewhere expressing concern about what was coming out of China. I was also very concerned as well, as being a mathematician (among other things) I could see exponential growth. Most of my friends on Facebook thought I was over-reacting to covid19. Some even defriended me (all idiots), because they had already decided it was just the flu. They were eggheads, so nothing lost.

I then spent the next 14 to 15 months mixing in with the main #zerocovid scientists on Twitter, and guess what, after a year or so I cracked 10,000 followers and people where listening to me. Even Eric followed me, and we have direct message conversations. We often spoke about variants and covid19 but Eric wanted to know if time travel was permitted my quantum mechanics. He had seen some of those double slit experiments where it looked like you could influence the past. I kept telling him that quantum mechanics played tricks on us with our interpretation but causality could not be violated. Eric was like the king of covid19 and he saw that was able to access information about variants and I was becoming good at articulating my messages about covid19.

I followed lots of other top covid scientist, like Anthony Leonardi, and they followed me, cause i am not dumbass. I cannot recall some of the people I recall I developed a mutual relationship on twitter with. Many were super-smart, aerosols scientists, architectural scientists, paediatric scientists. many of these people make Twitter what it is by giving their time and expertise. I feel very bitter about how Twitter treated me. I am not sure I even want to go back, especially given that Musk now has control. Fuck him, the lying snake.

I became very knowledgeable about covid19 and I even made a documentary video in September 2020, about how covid19 spreads. I think I was one of the first people to say that there was no super-spreader as such but there were super-spreading events. My message was that 97% of all super-spreading events were indoors and more than 96% of spread. I am still proud of that video, so here it is.

I got involved with people who were trying to educate people in power that health care workers needed proper PPE. I could see that the Australian government was being influenced by fools like the hand-washing expert like Prof. Peter Collignan (ANU, Infectious Diseases ‘expert’) who were downplaying the risks of covid19 and was actually fighting the aerosol theories I was supporting which were being supported by science. He was stuck on his droplet theory he must have learnt about when he was a graduate student, but the science was clearly pointing to aerosol transmission. Aerosol specialists started following me too. I was feeling important in my life again after a protracted legal dispute with my last employer Curtin University. I was now firmly involved with a scientific group which was quickly converging on the idea that covid19 is dangerous and that the only real long-term solution was #zerocovid.

In 2021, Australia was #zerocovid but there were rumbling from people like Alan Joyce (CEO of Qantas Airlines), and Jayne Hrdlicka (CEO of Virgin Airlines) to open our borders and let travel resume. They were clearly only interested in making money for their share holders and could not give a rat’s ass about the old people who were dying from covid19, and would die from covid19. Our Prime Minister at the time, Scott Morrison was also saying we should learn to live with covid. I believe he was deliberately trying to sabotage Australia’s “Hotel Quarantine” (HQ) system at the time. I was giving WA’s CHO (Chief Health Officer) Dr Andrew Robertson, advice on how long best to test for covid (on what days), that covid spread as an aerosol, for how long the new variants were infectious for, etc.. The alpha variant B.1.1.7 was found to be infectious for 21 days for example, so 14 days quarantine was not enough. Dr Robertson told me they had extended quarantine for people who tested positive on day 13 to 21 days.

I also became quite knowledgeable on vaccines and their efficacies. When I learnt that the efficacy of Astrazeneca (AZ) vaccine was 10% to the Beta variant B.1.351, it was a no-brainer that Australia was contemplating on using AZ. Scott Morrison invested heavily in AZ and was hell-bent of distributing it, even if it was useless. He was also hell-bent on breaking Australia’s fragile HQ system. He was allowing some 40,000 ‘rich’ or prominent Australians or foreigners to come and go in and out of Australia every month. I was very critical of this in early 2021 and let us remember that I now had over 10,000 followers. I was raising concerns about what he was doing and the use of the AZ vaccine. I was also very critical of Prof. Paul Kelly, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Australia. He said AZ was safe and effective. It was far from effective against the Beta variant, so when people started dying from the AZ vaccine, I had him in my sights as well as the master mind of “living with the virus”, Dr Brendan Murphy, as well as the corrupt, Prof. John Skerritt from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) who was hiding data on AZ.

Now, I think I am ready to finally disclose the tweet, that no body read, that had me banned for life on Twitter.

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The tweet i was suspended for life for. I was being sarcastic-like, flippant and back-hand-ish. I was trying to protect the old people of Australia who’s lives these CEO’s had so little regard for.

The CEO of Virgin Airlines said that Australia needed to open up the borders in 2022 even if people died. This infuriated me and I made the following tweet. I am not sure it helped in using the word “bitch” but I think I was already in sight of the people in in Canberra. My tweet was meant as a sarcastic back-hander reply to Ms. Hrdlicka. I did not mean for people to harm her and she was actually not on Twitter when I made that tweet, so technically I did not even violate Twitter’s rules of making someone feel unsafe on Twitter. Let us not forget that no-one even saw my tweet. How do I know that no-one saw my tweet? After posting the tweet, my account was suspended immediately. I even had the thought of removing the word bitch but it was too late and in hindsight, I do not think it even mattered anyhow. They had a bot set to close me down as soon as I used an aggressive word.

I repeatedly asked twitter to review my case and asked for how long I was suspended for as the word suspended implies a temporary removal of services. After appealing a few times twitter changed my status from “suspended” to “permanently suspended”. Say what? Had they upgraded their charges against me? I then thought, stuff Twitter, I will just move to another platform. I moved to Facebook and set up my own “Tweets by Dr George Christos” page followed by my own group

Everything you need to know about Covid19 & other infectious diseases

So now, all I wanted from Twitter was access to my account so I could write a book on covid19, but Twitter refused to even reply to me so I took them to court*). I also knew the real reason I was suspended, then suspended permanently, on Twitter. I was a direct threat to the Australian government, the Commonwealth Department of Health, and their planned narratives, to let covid rip, and use the ineffective cheap and nasty vaccine (AZ in particular) ,which was unsafe and ineffective. I was going to subpoena all documents of any relationship between Twitter and the Australian government, but a silly little judge ruled that “Twitter Australia’ was not Twitter. If they are not Twitter then who the fuck are they? The judge did not allow the trial to even start and he also awarded $6000 damages against me, which I refused to pay as he had not jurisdiction to award costs against me in a civil general procedures claim. The judge was biased against me from a previous trial I had with him. He had it in for me. Twitter escaped.

Some of you may think I did wrong with my tweet but no-one saw it, no-one was harmed, and I have seen much worse on Twitter. Here is one tweet I was going to present to the court.

A directed violent tweet towards Premier Daniel Andrew that went unpunished by a kick-boxer. Maybe I should have said “drop dead you filthy cunt” instead of “why don’t you die bitch”.
The Media even used the tweet to promote themselves. Wtf? Twitter allowed all of this
Vic Grujic is a martial arts expert and his threat of physical harm are much more real than mine.

Here is one of my blogs complaining about Twitter and Facebook offering portals to Government departments. So much for Elon Musk’s spams about free-speech, when he has let the Australian government silence me for money. $$$$$.

29 days jail on Facebook for saying Kelly and Murphy are the clowns behind the mandating of vaccines. Deemed disrespectful (to these two pigs). Say what? Jailed on Community Standards not by fact-checkers, who jailed be 12 times for violation of fact, with respect to with I received 11 apologies, as my facts were correct. These murdering bastards are responsible for thousands of deaths

Recently, I went onto TikTok, and I gain a huge audience very quickly. TikTok is a pathetic platform where lots of bullshit gets posted (just like Twitter will do again now that Musk as allowed all of Ex-President Trumps supporters back), and guess what, TikTok are trying to silence me. They have removed a few of my videos in support of my claims that #vaccineshavefailed, and that vaccine mandates were plane wrong and never justified. I guess government department can also buy portals on TikTok. Some of these videos have been posted elsewhere, so clearly someone is make complaints (which carry weight) to TikTok. I am convinced they are made by government departments. I stand by everything I have said. I am a scientist and I always try to be truthful.

I know WA Health and Commonwealth Health are shadowing me for the types of posts I am being haled over the coal for on Facebook and TikTok. No-one else would complain about a post which takes a document directly from a WA Health website that shows that the CHO Dr Robertson signed an authorisation allowing the army to vaccinated people. I reposted it again anyhow here.


*) A friend said that maybe I am permabanned on Twitter because I took them to court. I took “Twitter Australia” to court, and Judge Judy ruled they are not Twitter. Twitter once sent me a non-standard reply, in which someone said I am considered to be dangerous. Not sure what they meant by that, but I guess they were telling me I was a threat to the Government’s plans to roll-out covid vaccines, and in such a way to make a complete mess of things.

added note I forgot to mention, I am not anti-vax but I did raise concern that the spike protein of vaccines had been found in the brain in mice as early as Nov. 2020, and I let people know. Vaccines were never a solution to covid without the full swiss-cheese model, and the next step was to get to #zerocovid anyhow, which Australia already had. Instead the government allowed the vaccinated to spread the disease like wildfire by giving them special privileges. It is as if they did not understand what vaccine efficacies meant and then when it was obviously fall into the shithole, they persisted and are now trying to hide the pandemic. It is the main reason I remain unvaccinated to the covid vaccines. The amount of bullshit that transpired has probably turned me into a skeptical anti-vaxxer now. I will think 3 times before I put anything into my body now.