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Has Cuba knocked covid on the head with a miracle vaccine?

Some time ago there was talk of a new vaccine (a protein subunit vaccine, called ‘Abdala’) Cuba was using that was super effective against the “omicron” stains. The talk started when the number of covid cases and deaths in Cuba seemed to be heading towards zero while in the rest of the world it was still fluctuating wildly. Had Cuba found a better vaccine, a miracle vaccine? A paper in The Lancet seemed to agree it had an effective vaccine but I am not so sure it is the whole truth. REFERENCE TO LANCET PAPER

The reason I think there is more going on in Cuba, than just a simple vaccine, is that I know that mathematically herd immunity is not possible for SARS-CoV2 by vaccination or by natural immunity. The R naught value of the virus is well over 30 by now. It was 30 in early 2022. So what is going on then? The answer is actually quite simple. The R naught value for a virus is how many people each infected person would infect if there were no preventative measures. And there lies the answer to the apparent mystery. Cuba must be exercising good precautions against the virus like masking indoors and on public transport and ventilating buildings. They have reduced the R value, also called the effective R value, to less than one. They must have incorporated a lot of the old Swiss Cheese model for fighting covid that western countries like Australia, the UK and the USA have abandoned completely; simple things like social distancing, and masking indoors.

This article supports my logical conclusion.

This is a botched up image of the Swiss Cheese model which shows how the West tried to eradiate covid by vaccines alone.

Meanwhile the USA, UK, Australia and the rest of the western world continue to remove more and more precautions for the spread of covid.

I have already noted in a previous blog that the only way we will ever get rid of covid now is if the whole world stopped travel and went into a 3 of 4 months lockdown like they did in March/April 2020. It is very unlikely they will do that, as money means too much to the rich and powerful and “the woke” are sleeping and still dreaming covid is just the flu or does not exist. The “freedom fighters” will also go to war if any restrictions are imposed on them again, so the only sensible thing to do is to educate the public properly and get them to mask indoors and take precautions. Other wise we will continue to have 20,000 deaths a year in Australia, 500,000 longcovid cases a year with 1bout 150,000 of them debilitated so they cannot perform properly.

This will come back to bite our political fools in the bum.

The other thing that would turn the attitude of the west right around is if a more virulent variant (mutated of recombinant) formed. They will be forced to take preventative measure. of maybe they will be so stupid as the mandate a new vaccine of people and let the vaccinated spread and mutate the virus like they did before.

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