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First Cruise Liner to dock in Perth for nearly 3 years has confirmed 100 people infected with Covid on board

Australia has pretended that covid has vanished like a miracle, but is not concerned about a passenger cruise liner docking in Perth. They are blatantly contradicting themselves to express when we do not have mask mandates inside. Space inside a ship is probably a bit more confined and conducive for spread of covid but the argument to argue about the ship is so contradictory it is not funny.

I think the ship is docking in Perth on Friday, and on Sunday in Albany. The people of Albany do not want it to dock there at all. I think the ship is docking in Geraldton before Perth.

You cannot have the cake and eat it. Admit that Covid still exists and that it is still a health threat. My concerns are mainly based on potential brain damage that will follow years after, like Parkinson’s disease followed the ‘Spanish’ 1918 Flu about 4 to 8 years after. What will follow Covid?

Here is a link to the SHIP STORY.

The Coral Princess arriving into Melbourne five weeks ago.

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