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Facebook and its’ community standards have become a joke

These are the last 4 times I have been jailed on Facebook for 29 days at a time.

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Initially when I was questioning ‘the narrative’ I was jailed for spreading false information, but after appealing I received something like 11 apologies from #Facebook that fact-checker was wrong, so now they are jailing me on the grounds that I am going against their community standards. They cannot be serious. The vaccines have killed or maimed some 10,000 people just in Australia. By silencing people like me, Facebook are responsible for the death of many people. They are murderers for money. The vaccines are not safe or effective, and Facebook even sticks up for people like Brendan Murphy and Paul Kelly (CMO Australia) who are the ‘brains’ (used figuratively) behind mandating the vaccine and violating people most basic of human rights, what goes into their bodies. Facebook also encouraged ‘vaccism’, medical apartheid, aimed against people who chose not to take the experimental vaccines, that has now been shown to be ineffective and extremely dangerous.

#Twitter is no better. They suspended me for life for saying #Astrazeneca was unsafe in 2020 and early 2021, which has now been confirmed and dropped as a vaccine by most countries.

My friend Greg Smith is so good with summarizing things. He is so spot on when he says.

We are entering dangerous times. Civil debate is banned, conflicting opinions are silenced and facts are suppressed. Even humour at the expense of the approved narrative is a crime. Regrettably the masses seem to be sleep walking into a dystopian future.

John Waters from Pink Floyd also summarises things quite well.