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Deltacron is still coming

#Deltacron has not vanished as yet.If it survives it will take over.

Deltacron = Delta (AY.4, the most infectious b4 Omicron came along) + Omicron (BA.1).

Omicron = Wuhan + common cold.

This is never ending. Australia should have stayed #zerocovid.

Well done Paul Kelly (CMO), Brendan Murphy and #scummo and the moronic premiers who all jumped in the lake.

Now the vaccines are effectively useless too.

Positive efficacy for 2 months, going NEGATIVE AFTER 3 months. Gonna need a re-jab every 2 months preferably. Logistically it will not be possible, too many people, need to focus only on elderly. I have been saying this for months now. FFS. The elderly are the most vulnerable. Jabs are risky too.

#leavethechildrenalone This is too experimental and too many things have already gone wrong.

#nomoremandates The jab is ineffective now, the vulnerable need it. which impose this on healthy young people, workers etc.

#novaccinepassport. When only 0.5% of all covid cases are unvaccinated, 98.6% are fully vaccinated, it does not make much sense, Better hope the sheep do not wake up. I must admit I never realised that most people are so naive, so stupid, it annoys me. I do not like my “random democracy theory much now. Cannot work in a capitalistic world as the media of any country will brain-wash the sheep. This has been such a lesson for me. 95% of people are idiots. Lots may not even have self-consciousness.


Some reading/news above. Also leant, cannot trust media, news or social. All controlled. Why? and what if the official narrative was wrong. Once the tide turns do we not turn with it and roll with the waves?


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