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Covid Wave number 7 is upon us in Australia

Sigma (BA.2.75.*) is in Australia and has been for over a month but is now starting to grow in prevalence compared to Pi (BA.5.*).

Don’t forget to get that fifth jab in. Klaus Schwab recommends it.

The nomenclature is a bit confusing. Greek letters should have been assigned to BA.2.* (Rho), BA.5.* (Pi) and now BA.2.75.* (Sigma). BA.3 and BA.4 would have normally got a name as well as did Mu, Kappa, Eta, etc..

I thought the point of using Greek letters was to distract us where it came from. Calling the last few distinct variants Omicron has let us all know they are linked to South Africa/Botswana.

May be a cartoon of text

This is worrisome. loss of taste and smell means it affects neurons, so is getting into the brain. The incubation period is getting shorter too.


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