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Covid vanished overnight in Australia

Our moronic leaders in Australia who think it is ok for 50 to 100 Australians are dying from covid19 every day.

President Donald Trump said, that one day covid will disappear like a miracle, and it just did in Australia.

The Australian Covid cabinet consisting of the Prime Minister (al bino), the Premiers and the Territory Leaders have decided to stop releasing covid figures daily. This comes whilst 50 to 100 Australians are still dying EVERY DAY, and if they are not undercounting the case numbers the CFR (case fatality rate) has gone up from 0.5% to 0.45%, a 9-fold increase since March, and the vaccines is essentially useless.

The only reason they are doing this is to hide what is going on.

Here is what poor Marcus could only display today. Thx for everything you have done for all of us Marcus.

Did you know that yesterday South Australia (the fifth largest state in Australia) has 62 (SIXTY TWO) deaths from covid. Where they holding back these figures. At one time Australia suddenly added 300 extra deaths.

This is a bloody disgrace. My respect for ‘al bino’ has taken another dive. He reminds me of an out of touch useless dumb grandfather.

For starters he does not even care that 50 to 100 elderly Australians, who helped build this country, are dying EVERY DAY, and that one hundred times that will get #longcovid and 10% of them (~ 150,000) will carry a debilitating illness, on top of the tens of thousands who have suffered permanently from the experimental vaccine, mandated upon them if they want to keep their jobs.

I am ashamed to be an Australian right now.

At about 7 pm WST the covid live website was updated to this.

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