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Covid jab more likely to land you in hospital than covid itself.

Senior Editor Peter Doshi of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) has concluded that the covid jab is more likely to land you in hospital with a serious adverse event than protect you from Covid, based on Pfizer and Moderna’s trial data.

The new study shows over 8 per 10,000 net increase in hospitalization following vaccination.

Mandating a covid vaccine will from now on be seen by many as a criminal act.

Meanwhile the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Commonwealth Health Department are continuing to deliberately hide adverse events data (search my previous posts for TGA) from researchers, discourage doctors from making reports, continuing to push the jab, and now even want to jab more children too. Their actions are culpable. They would be sitting on a mountain of data that they are deliberately hiding. Adjunct Professor John Skerritt (head of TGA) and Prof. Paul Kelly (CMO, Australia) should be in jail. Let us not forget clowns like McGowan and Andrews who continue to mandate the vaccine.

The weigh-off was between vaccines adverse effects versus the wild stronger strain of the coronavirus. With the vaccines even less effective to Omicron now, it is time to STOP all covid vaccinations. #vaccineshavefailed.

In addition to this carnage to vaccines they (with Brendan Murphy) are now letting the coronavirus rip as if it is a common cold, with 50-60 people dying a day in Australia. That is like 20,000 a year.

F off vaccines and bring mask mandates back. And spread some facts. Covid spreads mainly as an aerosol, and almost exclusively so.

Fact-Checkers around the world have all been wrong punishing people for saying that the vaccines are not effective or safe. FB needs to apologise to people like me. They froze my group for months for no good reason. They were wrong.

Here are the papers and articles:

Covid Vaccines More Likely to Put You in Hospital Than Keep You Out, BMJ Editor’s Analysis of Pfizer and Moderna Trial Data Finds

Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials, 22 Pages Posted: 23 Jun 2022

Pfizer trial data: Hospitalization MORE likely with COVID shot

Meeting America’s Public Health Challenge

BMJ Senior Editor: COVID vaccines more likely to put you in hospital than keep you out New study shows over 8 per 10,000 net increase in hospitalization following vaccination.

I find it quite disgusting that doctors and medical practices are also deliberately hiding adverse effects from vaccination. I recently watch this video in dismay. Nikk explains how she was so inappropriately treated.

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