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Covid death rate takes a sharp upturn as Govt tries to hide numbers. CFR ~ 0.71%

Last week, I noted that the Australian Government was now only going to release the covid case and deaths numbers weekly and no longer on a daily basis.

It is clearly an attempt to hide the fact that covid is even around. And hide more deaths of people. This is the new agenda. They pretended to be trying to save the elderly before but have now let the cat out of the bag, so lots of elderly people will die but they don’t want the public to know how many too often, or whatever.

The new ‘weekly-only’ data got a shaky start with Victoria continuing to publish daily data. Anyhow today all the states posted their weekly results whereas Victoria gave its overnight tally. See attached graph.

Here is what was published on Marcus’s website today. Amazing the case numbers have fallen to what was not long ago daily numbers, but now for a week. I guess with relaxing of rules, less people have been testing so the virus is happily spreading. But if the relaxing was not increased compared to the previous week, I would be a bit concerned until I knew more as the case fatality rate has gone up from 0.05% in March 2022 to 0.45% last week (see blog below), and is now this week 256 deaths from 35,637 cases, CFR = 256/35637 = 0.71%, which is huge.

I have also previously posted that the new wave to set to start with new variant of concern BA.2.75.*.


They have also stopped sampling variants as well now. BA.2.75 is about to hit us. Look at how many sample they are sequencing each day in the graph below. It is going to zero.

‘The woke’ don’t care as they think there is no virus. They are sleeping through this transition cause it suits their narrative, but 50 to 100 Australians are still dying every day, and we have 20% excess deaths and rising too. I do not care if they are old. They are still people. They were misled. If Covid disappeared, why are they still jabbing?

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Note. South Australia (SA) had 47 deaths in the last week, and 62 on the last day before they went on weekly data, and WA only had 14. I call bullshit.

One of the reasons they are letting Omicron rip is that it is weaker than the delta variant, BUT also because it is even more selective towards the old people. See graphs below.

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