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Australian Government is pushing a NEW false narrative about covid

The Australian Government is pushing a NEW false narrative about covid, and most people are still asleep about what is going on, including the so-called ‘woke’, as it overlaps with their beliefs that the virus is a common cold/flu, which it is not.

For starters SARS-CoV2 was made is a laboratory, as a bioweapon, and its case fatality rate was originally 4-8%. It has dropped down to 0.15% now with the “Omicron” variants, but that is deceptive as well. That is because lots of people’s lives will become hell with organ and brain damage starting to emerge.

So why is the Australian Government doing this backflip on covid? It wasn’t that long ago that covid was such a danger that they had to violate your human rights and mandate the vaccine onto healthy young workers. There are a few reasons.

Firstly, they are more interested in the economy than people’s health but there is a turning point when the cost of having so many people ill will reverse matters. Australia will end up with at least 500,000 affected by longcovid, of which about 150,000 will be completely incapacitated. many people will soon start to show organ and brain damage as a result of repeated covid infections.

In late 2021, the Australian Government pushed the FALSE narrative that herd immunity could be achieved by vaccination, but the reality was that herd immunity had already become impossible when the delta variant came along in June 2021. When Omicron came along, the R naught value of the virus became 3 times higher. They are now pushing the new FALSE narrative that herd immunity via infection is possible. It is not. The R naught value of the virus is too high for that and to make things worse, the virus is mutating at an incredible pace as well, especially with vaccine and covid complacency in action. Reinfection is now common place. Covid and vaccine complacency are helping the virus mutate into new variants. It is only a matter of time before a new more virulent variant forms.

The government also thinks they will just sacrifice a few old people. Currently 30 to 90 Australians are dying from the pandemic every day. They are also hiding covid deaths now (that is one reason why excess deaths are up, the other being directly related to vaccines), so we get on with life, as they are not pushing the vaccines any more, as #vaccineshavefailed. The problem with this ideology is that we are in a never-ending pandemic of endless waves of new variants and sooner or later one may mutate or recombine with another variant or even MERS to generate a virulent recombinant variant.

The new false narrative is a way of hiding the fact that they messed up badly. Pretending covid has gone is tantamount to suggesting the vaccines worked. That is false on both counts. The pandemic is ongoing and not only did vaccine s fail but they made things a lot worse but the way the Government gave the vaccinated freedoms, whilst punishing the unvaccinated. I called this vaccism at the time.


vaccine mandates and vaccism were not justified by science. 3 pronouns prosecute/mcgowan/gunner

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Mask could work to mitigate the spread of the virus but they cannot go ‘backwards’ now, and who would comply with their bs after what they have done so far. They have painted themselves and the rest of us into a corner and there is no way out now.

China is relaxing its zerocovid policy even though they are using a less effective vaccine sinovax which has a low efficacy of about 50% (to infection and/or death?) but they will all wear masks voluntarily. China will be able to more effectively control the spread of the virus with common sense.

Australians look like complete fools.

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