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Australia thinks herd immunity is possible. It is not.

When Australia started to mandate the vaccine, it must have thought herd immunity was possible but it was not, and that was with the delta variant in August/ September/October 2021.

I have calculated that the R naught value of delta variant is about 12.5. Here is a graph I circulated lat year.

herd immunity became impossible when we let the delta variant spread around the world

Th R naught value of Omicron is at least 3 times that of delta and rising as new variants like BA.2.9, BA.2.10, etc. are moving in and overtaking BA.1 and BA.2, and there are even more infectious variants coming like BA.4, BA.5 and BA.12.

omicron is at least 3 time more infectious than the delta variant

So herd immunity is definitely not possible by vaccine of by natural immunity.

So what is Australia doing about the pandemic? I believe they are deliberately trying to let it spread (rip is a better word) as they were not paying attention to the fact that most spread occurs indoors and now have even removed the one measure that was backed by science, masks. We have known since mid-2020 that at least 97% of superspreading occurs indoors and that at least 96 % of that occurs via aerosols.

indoors are the most dangerous places for the spread of the coronavirus and this is where masks must be worn

So what will happen with Australia letting the virus rip? Case numbers will start to rise sharply very soon, especially with a positivity rate of close to 20% and because the symptoms of Omicron are milder and many people are vaccinated there would be an equal number of asymptomatic infections and they can also spread the virus. many people will not even be getting tested.

nearly 20% of all covid19 tests return a positive result.

So if herd immunity is not possible, what will happen. Australia will soon have about 1.5 million people actively infected at any one time. I call this the “virus pool” and most of the people in this virus pool will be vaccinated as well. Inside this virus pool, the virus mutates with the vaccine induced immunity as it practice barrier. The virus will generate “vaccine induced variants” like it did with the delta variant. Omicron already has 75 sublineages and it will be 300 in a few weeks. I have estimated that there are in excess of 100 million people actively infected with Covid19 around the world at any one time. And it is not like the flu as the coronavirus is more deadly, plus with such a large virus pool we will be having wave after wave every 2-3 months, forever maybe.

Most people say that a virus generally weakens as it mutates, and that it just becomes more infectious. That is not always true and with such a large virus pool we may create a variant that is both more infectious and more virulent (deadly). Plus, as I warned in January 2021, we are at risk of developing recombinant variants when a person is infected with 2 variants at the same time. The infected cell can read off one variant and then the other and crossover occurs. This has since happened a few times. Omicron is a recombinant variant (mix of Wuhan strain and common cold), deltacron is a recombinant variant of delta and omicron, Omicron XE is a recombinant of BA.1 and BA.2. In genetics, crossover or recombination is like a quantum jump in genetic variability and anything is possible.

The vaccine efficacies of mRNA vaccines have diminish against omicron and go negative after a few months, which means that they help the virus and not you. Soon almost everyone will effectively be unvaccinated, and by the way, the fourth dose is a complete waste of time.

Another problem is with so many people vaccinated against the coronavirus their immune system, which has been primed to look out for the spike protein, might not respond very will against the common flu and we may see a surge in deaths not just from covid19 but from other viruses.

One more thing. It is beyond doubt that the virus is made in a laboratory and that the spike protein may be the actual bioweapon. If people knew this they would think twice about becoming infected and getting vaccinated as well, as all vaccines have the spike protein.


God save Australia.

added 4 May 2022. Go Aussies. Let it rip. FFS.

Australia has let it rip. Leading the world in covid19 cases and stupidity.

Here is an article form 2020 in which the then Prime Minister spoke about how to get people to take the covid vaccine, so as to get to herd immunity. By July 2021, the delta variant came along and herd immunity was not possible, but instead of educating the public, the premiers mandated the vaccine. So much for education. I find this to be disgusting and repugnant. Mandating an experimental vaccine especially on young people who did not even need it. They then started on vaccinating children, reducing the age continually.


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