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Australia stops releasing data on covid19 cases and deaths when they are the deadliest place on planet Earth for covid19.

We will not be counting cases anymore, but only serious illnesses, people in ICU and deaths.” Scott Morrison, the previous Prime Minister, said something like that in 2021 on arrival of the vaccines and following the decision to open up the borders and allow covid19 to spread into Australia. “We have to live with the virus

These matters, and the strategic plans are all made by the Commonwealth Health Department and in particular by the CMO Paul Kelly and his henchman Brendan Murphy (MS, previous CMO and Australian of the year 2020) and co-conspirator from the TGA John Skerritt, who is doing his bit by hiding adverse events notifications from vaccines from the public.

The new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is nothing more than a puppet himself, and he is doing whatever he is being advised without any thought about the thousands of Australians who are dying every month from covid19 and vaccines.

Stopping the flow of data is akin to saying “We are not even counting deaths anymore”

He is pushing them into the slaughterhouse because he has been told “herd immunity” is possible, while scientists know it is NOT possible. The virus is mutating so fast we will never have herd immunity. A new variants will come along that will bypass any previous vaccine or natural immunity. So what he is doing essentially is letting hundreds of thousands of Australian get very ill or die and many others will be living with a new disability.

The other issue is that if the case numbers are not underestimated that the case fatality rate (CFR) has blown out to 0.45% from 0.05% in March 2022, and Australia has about 20% excess deaths which cannot be accounted for from covid alone. Evidence (search my blogs for excess deaths) IN ANY CASE SO WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A FLU HERE. This is a permanent life affecting illness that may even have repercussions in the brain at a later stage as most viruses do especially seen after the 1918/Spanish Flu, with the onset of Parkinson’s disease some 4 to 8 years after.



A couple of days ago the Australian government decided it would not release any more daily covid data. It is unclear if we will get weekly data of if institutions like the NSW covid-19 Critical Intelligence Unit would continue either.

The irony is that this action has been taken whilst Australia is the deadliest place on planet Earth for covid-19. I have note this to have been the case for some time in my blogs, but someone posted this chart of twitter today as well.

The Australian Government is not going to protect the elderly in any significant manner from Covid19. It is sacrificing them as even the vaccines have stopped being effective. If anything it seems that the more vaccine they are feeding the elderly the quicker they are dying too. Absorb the chart below about ICU in hospitals. The chart for deaths is very similar.

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In fact last month, August was the deadliest month so far. Look at this graph.

The area under the curve gives you a measure of the deaths within a time period. August has the largest area under the curve.

REF. twitter

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