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Australia makes deal with Moderna to make 100 million vaccines a year for 10 years.

Australia is on top of the charts in the world when it comes to covid cases number, and cases are followed by deaths, but it persists with the let it rip policy, removing mask mandates in all states, why some are maintaining the scientifically unsupported vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. To make matters worse Australia must see the vaccine solution as the only way to deal and live with covid. It will end in tragedy.

Scott Morrison et al are going to kill lots of people by letting the coronavirus rip. There is good reason China wants to stay at zerocovid. That is because the virus is manmade bioweapon, and the spike protein is dangerous. Note, Moderna has a patent on the spike protein pre-dating the pandemic by a few years.

Australia’s policy for dealing with Covid and other diseases is clear when we note that it recently signed an agreement with Moderna to make 100 million vaccines a year for 10 years.

Not all of these will be for Covid, at least I hope not. The covid vaccines are now proving to be ineffective.

This new facility has licence to make 100 million vaccines a year for 10 years. That is 4 jabs a person of whatever they make. mRNA vaccines have been shown not to be safe. The lipid nanoparticle can take the mRNA vaccine to any part of the human body, including all organs, and in particular into the brain. These people are murderess fools. The spike protein needs a slightly open door to enter a cell but with a nanoparticle a crack is enough.

The covid pandemic is far from over and we will soon have new surges from new variants like BA.2.9, BA.2.3, BA.4 and BA.5, not to mention others that will form in the next few months with 100 million actively infected people worldwide in which the virus can mutate and crossover with other variants.

I can only think that Australia thinks herd immunity through infection of vaccination is possible. It is not. This is now forever.

Australia will have a virus pool of 1.5 million constantly infected people. We will need to have covid restrictions again soon if cases and deaths keep rising. They removed mask mandates (which are supported by science) but maintain “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine passport” which are not supported by science.

Mask mandates should have been kept as Australia has not had the common flu for 2 years and people will also be exposed to that, and given that many have an altered immune system looking for the spike protein, flu deaths could be substantial this year. Maybe “ScoMo” is planning to mandate mRNA vaccines for the flu too.


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