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Australia has 3 new Omicron variants active making it a total of 6 now.

Dr George Christos

As I predicted vaccine complacency among the vaccinated has started to generate new variants of #Omicron which are more infectious than previous variants, as they are growing in prevalence. I have termed thees “vaccine induced variants” and they are generated withing huge virus pool in highly vaccinated countries, Australia now being one of them.

The same thing happened with the Delta variant, which in the end generated 235 new variants. The 3 variants you may have heard of are BA.1, BA.1.1 and Stealth BA.2. The new kids on the block in Australia are BA.2.1, BA.1.13, BA.1.14 and BA.1.17. BA.2.3 looks ominous to me.

BA.2 and BA.2.1 look very different to genetically to the BA.1.* variants. I still do not understand why the @WHO did not give them a new Greek letter.

I would expect Israel to have a stack of new Omicron variants, so let me pull in their variant diagram, and indeed this is the case. We have in addition BA.1.1.1, BA.1.15, BA.1.1.15, and BA.1.17.1, in addition to the variants found in Australia.

Lineage Prevalence in Israel

I expect new omicron variants are popping up in the UK, USA and Europe too. And let us not forget about Deltacron and the other new recombinant variants as well. We have made a right old mess of the pandemic and vaccines have played a pivotal role in that mess.

image showing prevalenec of variants in UK f02 2022.

South Korea has BA.1.1.5.

Omicron now have 21 variants.

Australia’s death rate will rise.

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