Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

7 people die in car accident today and 700 injured. Same forecast for every day following.

That is what happened today in Western Australia but from covid and no-one cares or gives a shit.

Is it okay for covid but not car accidents? 7 dead in one day in WA. Horrific accident.

What has become of you? 7 died in one day and 700 will have some sort of organ or neurological damage. In one day! And this will be the same tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow, and so on. When is enough enough? Wake up. This stage of covid is to suck you in to believing covid is over. Why has Chine declared it will stay #zerocovid for 5 more years whatever the cost financially? Think, or read my other posts.

Meanwhile in Australia a Boeing 747 is crashing every week and all passengers are dying. Is that okay with you, when I tell you it is preventable.


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