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4000 adverse reactions to covid vaccines listed on TGA website.

The covid vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. There are about 4000 adverse reactions listed on the Australian TGA website DAEN for covid vaccines. With hundreds to thousands, and potentially tens of thousands of deaths, from the vaccines, the only safe thing to say as a scientist is that they are deadly and dangerous. Why they have not stopped jabbing people is beyond me. There is even evidence that the more you get jabbed, the more likely you are to get covid19, and die. See below.

Here are some screen dumps for a search on the TGA website to establish that they have 4000 listed adverse reactions.

And what is the biggest killer? “Adverse event following immunization”. This is where they hide a lot of the child deaths so it is difficult to trace them in the list of reports.

The more vaccine you have the more likely you are to die from covid19. Just look at this graph. Search my blog for specific blogs on this.

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