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Tag: synaptic pruning

  • Covid19 results in synaptic pruning. New variants evermore immune-evading.

    The biggest news for me is clearer signs of brain damage, at this stage mainly concerning the connections between neurons. We are now thinking that “brain fog” which has been associated with #longcovid may also be a result of synaptic loss. https://theconversation.com/long-covid-how-lost-connections-between-nerve-cells-in-the-brain-may-explain-cognitive-symptoms-192702?s=07&fbclid=IwAR045Sc6jarXfaZ0wi9mvRSRtx6NgZWSYMFZnzxiwwz67AdwNnhPIdt9QEw The other big news is that the variants are still evolving and mutating.…