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  • Excess deaths up in UK too

    Excess deaths up in UK too

    It seems excess deaths are on the rise in the UK as well as in Australia. I looked into this when I suddenly noticed a huge rise in covid deaths on OurWorldInData. See graph below. It looks like they are trying to hide some as covid19 deaths. I think you can guess what might be…

  • Who is actually dying “from” covid. The very old. So why vaccinate children?

    Who is actually dying “from” covid. The very old. So why vaccinate children?

    This data comes straight out of NSW. You can see that the older people are dying and almost all of them would be vaccinated. I see no reason why we are vaccinating young people, especially children, given that the vaccines are hardly effective against omicron, and appear to wane to negative efficacy very quickly to…

  • Australia records over 100 deaths in 1 day

    #letitrip #norestrictions #covid #australia #vaccineshavefailed Meanwhile the airline industry is complaining that the Australia has to many government restrictions because so many of the workers cannot return to work quickly enough after being infected. FFS. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-22/worst-airline-performance-figures-on-record/101260822?utm_medium=social&utm_content=sf258969892&utm_campaign=fb_abc_news&utm_source=m.facebook.com&sf258969892=1&fbclid=IwAR0ncEghXbJJs9TdVuTyQb58Ja-4nMuqlZiBr3WR8dtJntUb5vQMulrAKLI One hundred people dying in a plane crash would be big news, and this is happening every day in…