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First Page: Everything you need to know about Covid19

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NEW. I am a good scientist, and I question everything as a #scientist should. When the #vaccines were all modelled to include the S-protein spike I became concerned. This was back in November 2020 when I was on Twitter. I was concerned because the S-protein spike can enter the brain. It enters the brains of mice. For this reason I do not want to inject the vaccines into my body. Since then lots of adverse reactions have been found from vaccines. I was suspended from twitter for a trial matter I will say more about another time but basically because I was against the use of low efficacy #astrazeneca especially for the most vulnerable (the elderly) and the Australian Government got Twitter to remove me. The suspension is now permanent after I told Twitter that suspended implies temporary action. What is even crazier is that the tweet was not that bad and no-one even saw it. I took Twitter Australia to court, but a pathetic magistrate (Mark Millington from Midland Magistrates Court, lots of M’s), who models himself on Judge Judy ruled that “Twitter Austraia” is not Twitter. If they are not Twitter, then who the hell are they? I started writing something on the platform MEDIUM but never finished it. I’ll get back to it one day. After that I moved to Facebook and set up a group which was called  Everything you need to know about Covid19/coronavirus Perth/WA/Australia
Facebook started off great and I soon had over 1000 members/followers, but then facebook started picking on me for trivial things that were true but they did not want me to say. for example I got 29 days jail for posting the list of adverse effects from pfizer’s own document. Other people had posted the same but they just started picking on me because I was raising questions about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. I am not an anti-vaxxer but I am anti using the S-protein spike in the vaccines. Anyhow I have decide to start my own blog on my own webpage now and I will divert people to it from facebook. I will post interesting questions on FB that will seduce raeders to my blog. My blog  My everything you need to know about covid19/coronavirus blog starts here and now. I will pull in some of my important tweets and posts from twitter and Facebook over time that are still useful such as how to avoid catching Covid19, vaccine induced variants, herd immunity is no longer possible, mandates are not justified, #leavethechildrenalone, etc.. Click on the link, and follow me by saving it as a bookmark in your browser. I am sick of the MSM propaganda and the narrative all the big social media platforms are pushing for the advertising dollar. I follow science.

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